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Payne's Moon
by Ljubisa Danilovic

In 2015, Ljubisa Danilovic published The Russian Desert with lamaindonne editions. The book, hailed by the public and the critics, is now out of print. Three years later, La Lune de Payne , his new publication, reveals a radically different facet of the photographer's work.

Ljubisa Danilovic has made several trips in recent years in the Danube Delta and offers us with this book a surprising and delicate portrait of this place. A land of sky and water where time seems to slow down, where the heart begins to beat more calmly and where the mind calms down. Photographs as close as possible to the subject, without any frills, which go straight to the point. The wide gray palette of the photographs gives them great softness and a certain melancholy. A series of beautiful artistic mastery ...

  • Format 22 x 26.5 cm
  • 100 pages
  • 50 two-color photographs + guards
  • canvas blanket
  • with back images (2 different versions)
  • and hot stamping