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Echo Mask
by Jonathan Levitt
"So many photo books today can be quickly and easily shoehorned into several categories: Self-indulgent exhibitionism; the polemical jackhammer; exploitation limbo; and pretty, pretty world (or, just as often, ugly, ugly world). There are wonderful books in every one of these categories, as well as many tedious books. Jonathan Levitt's Echo Mask is something else, and --like some of the work of Pentti Sammallahti, Trent Parke, and many of the best Japanese photographers--has the ineffable quality of a dissolving dream, or a half-remembered narrative that might be reconstructed dozens of different ways by the imagination. Levitt drifts through these pages like a ghost, invisible even to himself, and his work has an elusive and dark mystery, something that it shares with--and that unmistakably binds it to--the world." - Brad Zellar — In addition to this book, members recieve a small inkjet print from Jonathan.
— Curated by Charcoal Book Club