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Elf Dalia
by Maja Daniels
Photographer Maja Daniels spent childhood summers at her grandparent’s cabin in Älvdalen. In 2012 she began a documentary project about the valley and its Elfdalian speaking people. The work is collected in Elf Dalia, a made up title for a surreal concoction of Daniels’s own color photographs, pictures from the game cameras of local hunters, and 30 black and white scans of glass plates from the archive of Tenn Lars Persson (1878 - 1938). Persson was a wizard-like figure interested in the occult, local mystery tales, natural magic, and the magnetic power of the moon. “There’s something hovering in the air there,” says Daniels. “Something unique and separate. I was inspired to be more in tune with nature, to allow the wind to have an influence on the picture if it was a windy day. To allow some of the mysteries that I associate with the language to infiltrate the landscape.”
— Curated by Charcoal Book Club