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August Song
by Martin Bogren
When Bogren began the work that is August Song, there was no clear vision: “If we knew exactly what we were looking for, we would probably stop looking quite soon,” he explains. Simply armed with an old half frame camera, he approached these outdoor balls with a vague intent based on intuition. “By getting back there again and again, eventually something important will happen; maybe magic if you believe in those things,” he says. The resulting work, made over the course of seven years, is tender and intimate, replete with gestures of affection and desire: a secret kiss, a rendezvous in a car in the parking lot, a hand caressing a partner’s back, a woman dancing alone. “I do believe all photographs are somehow a self portrait,” he says, “and what we photograph is somehow a mirror and a reflection of what is in us; the memories, emotions, longing, frustration, worry and love- all these thousands of things that defines us as beings. If we believe that deep enough and keep shooting- it will show itself and we will understand something.”
— Charcoal Book Club members also recieve a small, inkjet print from Martin.