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Entrance to Our Valley
by Jenia Fridlyand
In 2017, photographer Jenia Fridlyand published Entrance to Our Valley, a Risograph printed artist’s book about the life and landscape around her farm in the Hudson Valley in New York. “The pictures are about the process of making a home of this place, making sense of it, and making it my own,” she says. Specifically, she is interested in questions about relationship to place. “In our family, there is no history of land ownership not just during the Soviet era, but going back centuries, because Jews were not allowed to own land in Imperial Russia. This place, this farm, is an opportunity to create, for our children, the privilege of coming back to a place where they grew up. ” We are excited to offer CBC members this highly-anticipated, out-of-print trade edition of Entrance to Our Valley. — In addition to this book, members recieve a small inkjet print from Jenia.
— Curated by Charcoal Book Club