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I can’t stand to see you cry
by Rahim Fortune
The loss of a parent, the love for community, and the tensions of 2020 is at the heart of “I can’t stand to see you cry”. Fortune photographed a 12 mile radius from his father’s home in central Texas. His subjects are people he knows; the portraits collaborations with friends and family he grew up with. “It’s the narrative to my life,” he says of the work, “It’s like a scrapbook, representing all the things I was really present to during that time.” Fortune photographs a friend whose arm was shot open during a protest in Austin. He photographs couples, some who’ve stayed together and others who haven’t. He photographs people who were sick and recovered. He photographs the woman he loves. And he photographs his father’s empty bed after he’s gone.
— Charcoal Book Club members also recieve a risograph poster from Rahim.