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Echoes Shades
by Piotr Zbrieski
In many beliefs there is an alternate world that exists between what we are taught is real and what lies beyond. Piotr Zbierski seeks to explore pathways between these two realities by crafting an impressionistic visual record of humanity. He has travelled extensively, focusing on a number of different communities, photographing and paying homage to their ceremonies and daily rituals. For many of the tribes, these traditions act as a bridge between material reality and a spiritual understanding of the wider world. In his practice he considers how different cultures express and communicate their ancient ancestral connections to nature and this experience of an 'intermediate' world. "“Echoes and Shades is the photographic analysis of the coexistence of nature and culture, as well as the relationships between them. In my work, I understand culture as being an echo of nature, while its symbols, signs, products and rituals are the cast shadows of elements and phenomena existing in nature."
— Charcoal Book Club members also recieve a small inkjet print from Piotr.