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Sorry For The War
by Peter van Agtmael
Sorry for the War chronicles the disconnect between the United States at war and the wars as they really are. It weaves together the war in Iraq during the time of ISIS, the refugee crisis, militarism, terrorism, nationalism, myth-making and propaganda. Van Agtmael photographs dying soldiers, wounded soldiers, refugees, American rodeos, Iraqi children, the halls of Congress, each photograph another thread woven into the cacophony o f the war on terror. Sorry for the War is Peter van Agtmael’s third book on post 9/11 America and the 20 years of the war on terror, and as a photographer covering foreign and domestic conflicts, van Agtmael is keenly aware of the limitations in what he is doing.
— Charcoal Book Club members will be the first and only collectors to recieve copies of Sorry for The War during the month of February. They also recieve a small inkjet print from Peter.