"The photobook occupies that deep area between the novel and the film.” — Lewis Baltz


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Les Jardins de Riesthal
by Anne Immelé
In eastern France, photographer Anne Immelè and her family grew vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit trees over the 16 years they rented a plot. Les Jardins du Riesthal is about her time there. In Anne Immelè’s photographs it is the absolute stillness of time that fills the garden. Time is the faithful observer of the peaches growing in a tree and time is the observer as they lay out on a table after harvest. Time is present in the garden during lockdown and time watches on as roses bloom in a thicket. "Each garden has its own relationship with the living world. Many attempt perfect control over cultivation, protecting vegetables from disease and seeking utmost productivity. In the collective adventure that is our community garden, we let nature become a moving garden welcoming wandering plants so beneficial to insects. There are photographs of childhood games and summers in the gardens. The pleasure of time spent here transmits knowledge of plants and attentive care for all life sustaining species."

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