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On the Night that We Leave
by Alisa Resnik
From Berlin to Saint Petersburg, passing through Odessa or Italy, the ultimate location of this photobook is the night. Alisa Resnik crosses it, explores its entrails, on a path to meet it, in the desert streets and landscapes where few stealth figures creep in, in the pale interiors, and where fragile and sometimes ecstatic faces appear. Smothered glimmers of light to color splashes in the shadow, the photographer describes what could seem to be a form of wanderings, but turns out to be her path and her story. The story, subtle and quivering, of she who is not from anywhere and yet fully belongs to this nightly world. Through her powerful images, she reveals the beauty a nd the grace of that nightly world. And, like a hospitable home, it welcomes her and wraps itself around her. Along the pages of this long awaited photobook, Alisa Resnik takes us with her and we abandon ourselves to both the brutality and the gentleness of the night.
— Charcoal Book Club members also an inkjet print from Alisa.