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Summer Camp
by Mark Stienmetz
Summer Camp begins with pictures of school busses, it’s documentation of the prelude, the transition from domesticated childhood in a serious world of adult priorities, to a temporary never-never land of relative ferality amongst amusements and other children. At Summer Camp it’s not quite the past, and it’s not quite the present. Without affectation, the book captures all of the sensuous feelings and small details of summer spent outside: the humidity, the hot sun in the open at midday, the cool of a breezy porch in the shade of big trees; skinned knees, freckles, hair bleached by the sun; screened windows, dust pans and brooms (no vacuums at summer camp); also, ritual and dark reminders of the real world - costumes and campfires, a spooky drawing of a world war (big guns blazing, planes exploding), a large crucifix on the lawn by the lake. The book ends with another bus picture. Two older girls holding each other like lovers or sisters. It’s one of many pictures showing the bonds of affection that the campers develop for one another - holding hands, sitting close, becoming siblings, becoming a tribe.
— In addition to this book, Charcoal Book Club members recieve a small inkjet print from Mark.