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The Locusts
by Jesse Lenz
"I can't think of a single piece of art that has so wholly transported me back to a thin, ineffable place in my increasingly dissolving memory. That thin place is childhood, a childhood shot full of shattering light, bewildering wonder, and the darkest enchantments. Jesse Lenz does a masterful job of putting his messages in your reach rather than in your lap. And though The Locusts is ultimately a liminal tour of the universal terrarium of nature and childhood, this is also, after all, the 21st century, and nostalgia and innocence provide no safe haven; you're always hyper aware that beyond every frame of every photo, the heartbreaking locusts of progress and desecration are out there somewhere, massing inexorably in the darkness beyond the cardboard fortresses and the fields." — Brad Zellar
— Charcoal Book Club members also recieve a small inkjet print from Jesse.