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by Matthew Genitempo

"pines grow pulling the old dreams through the soil pinesap climbing into its limbs lifting a ladder like solitude"

Inspired by the life and work of the poet and land surveyor, Frank Stanford, these photographs of hermetic homes and men living in solitude were taken in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri.

By capturing the foggy landscapes, cluttered interiors, and rugged men that are tucked away in the dark woods, Jasper explores a fascination with running away from the everyday. The work bounces between fact and fiction, exhibiting the reality and myth of what it means to be truly apart from society.

  • Signed Copies
  • Out of print
  • 10.5 x 13 inches
  • 51 tritone plates
  • 96 pages


From November's Guest Curator

It’s early in the morning in the Ozarks and the fog snakes its way between the hills in these highly descriptive yet mysterious photographs by Matthew Genitempo. This photographer looks at men who lead isolated lives in their cabins and caves. Possibly the men are hunters or observers of nature; one maintains a collection of obsolete videotapes. Mostly little is explained to us about these men or their activities. In one nocturnal scene, some hunched white creature scuttles across a vague white terrain – is it a phantasm or taxidermy specimen?  A cat on high guards an axe that’s jimmied to keep a trailer door shut. The men light their fires; the smoke rises up to join the fog, a ritual that repeats.

Genitempo’s Jasperis among the very best photo books of 2018. It is beautifully designed and produced by Twin Palms of Santa Fe; their presentation allows for the world Genitempo has conjured to be fully felt. I love how the work fuses season and setting with the lives that are being led.

- Mark Steinmetz for Charcoal Book Club