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August Song
by Martin Bogren

“I photographed August Song during summers 2013–2018 in rural parts of Sweden; venues hidden in the woods on the outskirts of the villages. A winding road leading into the forest, hidden away on its own and divided by a fence from the world out there, the outside world.

At the back, a stage with an orchestra playing patiently through the night. Two slow dances and then two quick — song after song; all of them about love, while the crowd move slowly around the floor.

Surrounding it all a fence, and on the outside a parking lot hidden secretly underneath the pines. A place to get dressed, putting make-up on, fight, drink and make love. Above, a dull summer night which never completely hides the going on in the hollow.”

— Martin Bogren

Book Details

  • First Edition, Out of Print
  • Signed Copies
  • 88 pages
  • tri-tone printing 
  • 8¼x11"


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