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Departure Lounge
by Jason Eskenazi

The final chapter in Jason Eskenazi's Black Garden Trilogy. 

"The third book, Departure Lounge is more personal and incorporates a few protagonists from book one and two and shows them a few frames later, as if no time had elapsed from Wonderland to Departure Lounge ; a journey of twenty-five years. This is especially apparent from the first picture (Wonderland) to the last picture of the woman in the hotel room in the Departure Lounge. This book is also a departure for me from this kind of photography as the film strip and mirror allude to.
I've always seen book-making as cinematic and in musical terms. The images though authentic are taken out of their original context in order to make another, more personal and universal visual narrative. All the books have 3 chapters each adding up to 9 for the 9 muses. And the sequence of all the books are numbered consecutively from 1-314, as in Pi. Though I do not believe in numerology I use it as a device to push the book forward to its mysterious conclusion. Mathematics is an approximation and an invention that points to a universal truth but which ultimately breaks down in the final analysis. And we as humans can only approximate the meaning of life and why we are standing on this rock in some far-flung region of the Milky Way. Imagination and creation is our only comfort." - Jason Eskenazi

The   Departure Lounge‘s 83 photographs were culled from Eskenazi’s archive, dating from 1991 to the present. The images investigate how we depart from reality, from friends, and from ourselves, using the   Departure Lounge  as the metaphorical room from which we leave.


  • 184 pages
  • 14.5 x 21 cm
  • 83 black & white photographs / Duotone
  • Open spine binding