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All About Saul Leiter
by Saul Leiter

Photography lovers the world over are now embracing Saul Leiter, who has enjoyed a remarkable revival since fading into relative obscurity in the 1980s. This collection takes a Japanese perspective into the secrets of his appeal, from his life philosophy and lyricism to masterful colors and compositions reminiscent of ukiyo-e.

Some two hundred works—including early street photographs, images for advertising, nudes, and paintings—cover Leiter’s career from the 1940s onward, accompanied by quotations from the artist himself that express his singular worldview.

Selected for Charcoal Book Club by guest curator Todd Hido

"For the last twenty-five years I have been collecting photobooks. Throughout this time, I have put together an arrangement that very carefully represents my favorite genres of the medium. This includes a selection of four or five Saul Leiter books.

There was something very different about this comprehensive book of photographs that spans the length of Leiter's career from early street shots, to later portraits, nudes, fashion photos, and ultimately paintings.

The combination of quotes and breadth of the selection of images really do introduce you to the humble man that Saul Leiter was."

- Todd Hido


  • size: 210 × 148 × 28 mm
  • weight: 610 g
  • binding: softcover
  • 312 pages