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by Julien Coquentin

With this new book, Tropiques , Julien Coquentin further explores his favorite themes of childhood, family, territory and otherness.

It was after a trip to Reunion that he developed his new series. Left to work there as a nurse, with his wife and three children, he spent 2 years taking photos and writing texts, considering that photographing and writing are two sides of the same creation.

As he said in an interview: “I believe that my handwriting looks like my photograph and that it is therefore possible to confuse them. This is also the editorial interest of this book: giving the same role to texts (5 short stories, like tales) and images, without one being an illustration of the other. Texts and photographs will therefore be the two actors of the same story, each with its own particularities, thus making it possible to say what cannot be imaged and to image what cannot be said.

Julien Coquentin lets vibrate, in images where the half of the island is almost palpable, the themes of the relationship between man and nature, the intimacy of the family caught in a new territory, the difference of 'other culture ...