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The Local
by Nick Myer

"Meyer reveals the character of this place — the strained rhythm of its pulse, its crumblings, its people, its quiet pressing on — in a way that resonates out to quiet towns all over" – The Boston Globe

"Meyer explores Greenfield through a social and structural lens in The Local, told through photographs of the community and the buildings that line its streets." – Creative Review

"The Local contends with the shifting socioeconomic landscape of small town America, both in a personal sense...and more broadly, as a reference to the struggles facing rural communities across America." – Booooooom

Nick Meyer grew up in a small mill town in Western Massachusetts and since his youth the town’s terrain has been in flux, with houses and shops continuously erected, razed, and rebuilt in the chasm left by disintegrated industries. The Local documents a town caught between aspiration and decline, a deeply personal account which reveals the struggles, tumult, and everyday life that occur in a place which, from the outside, appears caught in stasis. The experience depicted here is of strangeness and familiarity: the rhythm of change might be recognisable but the parameters have shifted, with opioid addiction and economic crises joining the steady thrum of deindustrialisation in defining the deep-seated volatility.

With the trope of ‘left behind’ USA now a familiar invocation, Meyer’s work offers a uniquely positioned assessment of this figurative non-place, tracing its connections to the particular people and topography of an individual town. In this way, the studied depiction of stark socio-economic realities effloresces into something more mythic but no less piercing. Meyer’s hometown becomes a many-layered, poetic, and often ghostly space, recalling T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and William Carlos Williams’ Paterson. As it moves between past and future, face and landscape, textural detail and vast tableau, Meyer’s shifting perspectives demand a reconsideration of what ‘local’ is: what makes a place a place within the homogenised landscape of postindustrial capital, and what attitude or degree of proximity might disclose it.

Book Details:

  • Signed Copies
  • Printed paper bound hardback
  • 24 x 28cm
  • 112 pages

The signed edition includes a slip signed by the artist and bound into the inside back cover.