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by Michael Ackerman

Published in 700 copies, this work is a form of homage to Benjamin, singer, poet, figure of the American underground who has now disappeared, and to Cabbageton, a penniless district of Atlanta. Designed as a scrapbook, it mixes photographs by Michael Ackerman, pages of Benjamin's notes or archival documents, with texts by Jem Cohen and Patti Smith. It reveals the infinite grace, the urgency, the delicacy like the frenzy of a forgotten man and era.

I remember my first time at Benjamin's, my first time in Atlanta. It was late at night, after a Smoke concert. He was hanging out with a few friends in his room, talking, laughing, smoking. I barely knew him. I still don't understand why I was invited. He was brilliant, charismatic, funny and tender. I sat in a corner, amazed and in awe, and remained silent. I may have taken a few photos, maybe not. Around 4 am, I fell asleep on the floor in another room. A few hours later, I woke up, looked in his room and saw him sleeping, also on the floor, in front of his bed. Today, 27 years later, I try to remember what it felt like to see him lying there, so fragile. I took a photo at the time,

Michael Ackerman

  • Photographs by Michael Ackerman
  • Texts by Benjamin, Jem Cohen et Patti Smith.
  • Size 26 x 20 cm
  • 136 pages - 3 fold outs - booklet of 20 included printed on 4 colors in offset paper
  • Softcover with flaps - Swiss binding