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Nippon 2003-2013
by Shuhei MOTOYAMA

I loaded my camera with monochrome film as usual, and embarked on a trip.
Around the time the sun began setting in the western sky, I rummaged about my pocket but realised that I had run out of film.
Up ahead on a small shopping street with the smell of the sea adrift in the air, I spotted a small photo studio.
“Oh good, now I can keep shooting.”

The span of ten years, naturally, has brought change upon myself, and upon this country.

It is as if, viewing these photographs, I feel the dazzle of the light of that day in my eyes again.

-excerpts from the artist’s statement

Book Details:

  • Book Size 227 x 296 mm
  • Pages 64 pages
  • 40 images
  • Hardcover
  • Limited Edition500
  • Published by Sokyusha