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Les Jardins de Riesthal
by Anne Immelé

“This series bears witness to the history of a site bringing together allotment gardens (previously called allotment gardens) and especially plot no. 100 which I take care of with my family and friends. The photos document the evolution of nature on the site, they take on a sensory dimension linked to summer weather and children's games. Thus the series relates the time of childhood in the gardens, considered as a kind of lost paradise.

The relationship to the garden makes visible our relationship to the living world. Many gardeners try to have a perfect mastery of their culture, protecting their vegetables from all diseases, seeking productivity. For our part, in the collective adventure of plot number 100, we let nature act, overflow into a garden in motion, constantly reconfigured thanks to the wandering plants so beneficial to insects (such as borage, nigel, arugula wild, nettles, etc.), we let so-called wild plants coexist with cultivated plants.

The ecological dimension of such a project is essential. The pleasure of time spent in these gardens is the best way to transmit gestures of culture, of relationship to the land to future generations. » Anne Immelé

“The allotment's function of shelter or fallback is brought to its height here, but as if within a slide that would allow us each time to weigh the amount of escape induced by things. Fig tree leaves above tall grass where the sun forms a clear spot, smoke rising in the garden next door, a plot where protective veils held up by planks form a kind of involuntary Zen garden, brushwood, quantity of brushwood, temporary bouquets, ephemeral still lifes, spread all the time…” Jean-Christophe Bailly

Photographer, curator and doctor of art, Anne Immelé lives and works in Mulhouse. His photographs question our relationship to the territory in its multiple dimensions: geographical, human, social but also memorial and poetic. She is the author of several books, including WIR with the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy published by Filigrane, ou Oublie Oublie, published by Médiapop in 2021. Her photographic work is regularly exhibited. Professor at HEAR, Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, she co-founded in 2013 the BPM – Biennale de la photographie de Mulhouse, of which she is the artistic director and curator of certain exhibitions.

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  • Signed, First Edition Copies
  • Out-of-print
  • 200 x 230 mm
  • 128 pages
  • Médiapop editions