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by Nicole Ratos Enerson

“I was an anxious and insecure child. The world around me was filled with things that I struggled to understand. When I became a mother to a son, I realized that I still needed to find a way to process my young feelings. I started looking for a reflection of myself in the world and a better understanding of my unease.” _Nicole Ratos Enerson

In a process of personal discovery, Nicole Ratos Enerson was giving voice to an aspect of herself that was neither seen or heard in childhood nor acknowledged in adulthood. As a child, she had felt separate and alone with her struggles. As an adult, she began to learn about her internal landscape by looking at the world at large. Immersing herself in it, she was looking for clues of the past in the present. Finding only hints and suggestions rather than certainty mirrored her difficulty in understanding the world around her as a child. “Honeysuckle” emerged as an expression of that experience and allowed her to create connections with others, while reconciling her past.

  • 21 × 22 cm
  • 104 pages
  • Hardcover