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Black Garden
by Jason Eskenazi

Black Garden  moves into the mythological world of opposites and duality, and concentrates on three main themes: subjugation of women, domination over the animal kingdom, and self-destruction through war. 154 photographs including 9 panoramics were made from 2001-2017 in Turkey, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, and New York.

"Before I finished and published Wonderland I had already started to think of another book (Black Garden) dealing with the geographical world known to the ancient Greeks. I wanted to incorporate some mythological themes and investigate the notion of duality in the east/west; and masculine/feminine divide. This project is still ongoing as I want to visit more locations that were known to the ancient Greeks, including Iran and Morocco. Work has already been done in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and the United States, as the mythical and utopian Atlantis described by Plato. My initial aim was to show an "ancient Greek" what the world he knew of back 2000 years ago, looks like today, using the same themes and motifs of mythology. The center part of the book, using the sea horizon line, is still unfinished. The projects main themes are the subjugation of women, our inharmonious relation with the animal kingdom, as well as the irreversible destruction of the natural world. The Black Garden refers metaphorically to our planet; once a garden in the universe, but now on the edge of annihilation by the hand of man. The project will consist of 154 photos including 9 panoramic images." - Jason Eskenazi


  • First edition
  • 184 pages
  • 29 x 21 cm
  • 154 black & white photographs / Duotone
  • Open spine binding