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Damages, Returns, and Cancelation Policy

Return Policy

Sometimes you might receive a book that is not to your liking (outside of damages). While we hope that you can give the book a couple of months before making your verdict. We, unfortunately,  do not accept returns on any of our books. This is due to return shipping cost and to avoid damages on the return trip, along with a couple quality control reasons.

Damages + Returns FAQ’s

I received a book that, after looking at it, I no longer want, what are my options?

As mentioned above, we do not accept returns, so we ask that you give the book a few more reads. We pride ourselves in selecting great book we think our members should have in their photobook collections. If you absolutely do not want the book in your collection, consider gifting it to a friend or selling it on Amazon or Abebooks.

I received a damaged book :( Should I return this to receive a replacement?

If you ever receive a damaged book from us, don't worry. Please shoot an email over to  info@charcoalbookclub.com with attached photos or video of damage to book, box, and protective bubblewrap sleeve within 48 hours of receiving the damaged book. 

We do use discretion on whether or not we’ll issue a replacement for minor cosmetic or superficial marks / abrasions. We do our best to ensure all books are properly packaged and reserve the right to refuse returns, exchanges, and return shipping costs if damage caused by the customer or damage occurred during transportation.  Please note, we do not qualify bumped corners as damage as it can unfortunately be unavoidable. 

Also note that signed copies of books are handled by the artists during signing. Scuffs on the cover, fingerprint smudges on dark linen, warp and weft irregularities in natural linen are common and unavoidable.   

I was sent the wrong book. Is there a return label that I can receive to send them back?

While this rarely happens, sometimes you may receive the wrong book or one that you never ordered. No need to panic! Send an email over to info@charcoalbookclub.com, and we will get you a return label and make it right. 

Cancelation FAQ’s

I meant to cancel my account, but I was too late! Can I receive a full refund?

Unfortunately, once orders are processed on the 1st of each month (12am EST), we are unable to issue a refund for them because they have already been processed and we cannot cancel them. You can cancel all upcoming payments by editing your subscription details in your customer portal. If you have difficulty with this, please shoot an email to  info@charcoalbookclub.com, we’ll help you log in and get it taken care of.

I purchased a gift membership, but I the recipient doesn't like books. Can I get a full refund?

Unfortunately, once gift membership orders are placed, we are unable to issue a refund. Gift memberships can not be used as store credit.