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Wild Rose
by Gabrielle Duplantier

Wild Rose is a tender book, both as object and in content, underlying the approach Gabrielle has always worked by: “taking pictures is like loving what you see.” Wild Rose is set in southwestern France, and at the center of the book is the house Gabrielle Duplantier grew up in. Her mother had always dreamed of having such a house; spacious, full of character, the complete artistic retreat. The day Gabrielle was born there was a fire at the house, forcing the eviction of the other renters in the house. In 2019, having traveled Europe, Morocco, and India, she returned to Bayonne and this time moved back into the house. Her aging father and the old home were in steady need of attention, and Gabrielle happily gave herself to their care. She spent hours outside in the woods, encountering for the first time a silence she describes as ecstatic. Like her landscape and still life photographs, her portraits are an allegorical expression of the pureness and intensity with which she was experiencing the present.

  • Signed Copies
  • 19.5 x 26 cm
  • 148 pages
  • 76 black and white photographs
  • hardcover with Swiss binding
  • hot stamping
  • Lamaindonne Editions