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by Agnieszka Sosnowska

Agnieszka Sosnowska’s debut monograph, För, is an intimate portrait of the artist’s life and community in a remote corner of East Iceland. Sosnowska was born in Poland and raised in Boston. Coming of age between two countries and disparate cultural identities, she felt neither fully Polish nor American during her youth. It wasn't until adulthood that she moved to Iceland and found the place where she truly belongs. Here, Sosnowska lives a quiet life, residing on a farm with her husband and working as a teacher in a rural k-12 school. In this tight knit world, she uses a large format view camera to photograph the land and people with tenderness and unwavering commitment. Set amidst the harsh elements and rugged beauty of the Nordic landscape, För is a book of gratitude and love  – a story about finding home and a chosen family that carry through the seasons of life.

From the artist:
I grew up in Boston and traveled to Iceland 25 years ago on a whim. I fell in love and remained. With my Icelandic husband I chose to live in nature, not visit it. This decision has not been without tests. Together we have made a life that I feel we are only beginning. Everyday, I search for corners of quiet. When there, I stop and listen for a long time. These places exist around our farm, with friends, and the students I teach. These places are my everyday. They are my everything.

  • First Edition Copies
  • Signed bookplate
  • Edition of 1000 copies. 
  • 11x13.5 inches.
  • 88 pages.
  • 47 tritone plates on uncoated paper.
  • Cloth cover with tip-in image and foil stamp text.
  • Designed by Cody Haltom.
  • Trespasser Books

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