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by Lorenzo Castore

“The series of Italian photographer Lorenzo Castore, taken over several years, focus on emotional, personal and collective memory. Through his aesthetic and his desire to break away, his work is placed in the lineage of “trembling photography”, in the continuity of great names in photography like Robert Frank.  

Here, he talks about what he calls his “sentimental education”.  

A body of images as close as possible to the skin and intimacy, which summons sensuality as much as tenderness, a certain violence as well as true romanticism.And around his images, landscapes and scenes of life resonate with the same force, and create a dialogue between feelings and sensations. A work of intimacy!” - Caroline Benichou

  • Signed, first-edition copies
  • size 19.2 x 25.7 cm
  • 134 pages
  • 60 black and white photographs
  • paperback cover with flap and Swiss binding
  • silver ink on black paper
  • Lamaindonne