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Oreille Coupée
by Julien Coquentin

“Two paws heralded his return. One had been placed in a plastic bag hung on the cemetery gate. The other, hanging on the threshold of the town hall. They belonged to the same animal. A few days earlier, a flock of sheep had been attacked. We knew then that the beast was back.

I crossed the broken stride of Ear Cut, while I was sitting in the large reading room of the Departmental Archives. A female wolf. One of the last of her kind before the long absence. I probably lacked imagination, because I did not suspect that the animal could extricate itself from the legend to return to inhabit our lands. Yet every day the wolf scatters. Yesterday there, today here.

From the house, I watch the forest gently descending to the river. Something is happening, something indefinable and invisible. An unexpected sneaks up.

In the form of an ecological and sociological investigation, Cut ear penetrates the wood, follows its edge, this border that the peasant disputes with the wild animals.

Book Details
  • First Edition, Signed Copies
  • size 20 x 25cm
  • 152 pages
  • 82 color photographs
  • 3 different papers
  • hardcover with printed canvas
  • hot stamping
  • Text in French
  • Lamaindonne