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James' House
by Jacob Aue Sobol

James’ House is my second book in The Greenland Trilogy. My first book Sabine from 2004 was a love story, and so is James’ House. It’s about my love and admiration for an Inuit man and his continuous fight to provide for his family.
The story takes place from 1999-2002 when I lived in Eastern Greenland trying to become a hunter and a fisherman while taking pictures of the life I shared with the people living there.

James was my friend when I lived in Tiniteqilaaq. He taught me how to spot seals and use the tools of a hunter. He taught me when to speak and when to be silent. How to be present.

For the years I was in Tiniteqilaaq, James’ House seemed like the center of the universe. It was a house full of laughter, crying and silence. A place of warmth and embrace.

Today the house is empty. James’ wife passed away and he moved with his children to the nearest town, Tasiilaq.

This book is a memory of the time and love I shared with James and his children.

  • First edition, Signed Copies
  • w25.7 x h34 cm
  • 152 Pages
  • 83 images(b&w)
  • Hard cover
  • Tritone Offset
  • Published in 2022
  • Greenlandic title cover version.