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Gary Briechle
by Gary Briechle

On the rocky coast of Maine, Briechle found himself driven to make pictures, using the wet-plate collodion process, of the individuals who constitute his stand-in family.

"Gary Briechle Photographs is next to my bed in a bookcase that holds my very favorite books. I look at it often, I love staring through it, and every time I do it gives me something new. 

Gary’s book is filled with deeply felt, strongly seen, and crafted images - they leap off the pages. The book is sixty-four black pages with varnished, jewel-like, beautifully printed, perfectly placed images. They are intimate, collaborative photographs of his family and friends that depict universal moments. 

As with the portraits of Meatyard, Saunder, and Arbus there almost seems to be no camera involved, just a crystal clear giving. The pictures were made with a large format camera daily on collodion covered glass plates. 

Jack Woody’s Twin Palms Publishers has been making exceptionally beautiful, unsentimental photography books for decades. They are often edgy, always carefully sequenced and designed. They are pieces of art in themselves. 

Over several years Gary sent Jack thousands of prints and some of his journals. This long process paid off in the nuances of the book. Mystery was added, and a depth settled into its pages. It is a book that will hold up over the years to staring and study. I think it will be a favorite of those in Charcoal Book Club." - Timothy Whelan

  • 10 x 12 inches
  • 66 duotone plates
  • 96 pages
  • Signed