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Animals That Saw Me

September 22, 2017


Ed Panar’s series “Animals That Saw Me,” consists of portraits of animals of various species, shot during brief encounters in settings that range from the streets to the woods. Panar meets a raccoon, a timid peacock, and a somber-seeming bull, characters that have a curious air about them, especially when we consider the fact that beyond this series, Panar is attracted to places like alleys and side streets and most of his photographs are unpeopled. Whereas the photographer’s other work documents everyday objects bending and shifting under the slow wear of daily use, “Animals That Saw Me” provides a playful reworking of the street portrait.

Each reaction to Panar’s presence comes from a different species and, unlike street portraits that show people reacting to the photographer’s camera in candid moments, we aren’t left guessing at whether or not a nasty or curious exchange between two people followed. Although it’s impossible not to wonder about the lives of these animals beyond these frames, the collection more poignantly evokes a feeling of wonder about one’s own presence on the street or in the foods. In whatever voice you imagine a goose or a grasshopper having, you might be able to imagine them asking the man with the camera, “What are you doing?”

Check it out: http://www.edpanar.com/Animals_That_Saw_Me.html

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