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The Dreaming
by Yasuhiro Ogawa

A stunning, somnolent journey through a monochrome world.

27 years ago, he notes in his afterword, Yasuhiro Ogawa took the ferry from Kobe to Shanghai and emerged on a long journey through Asia, taking him to China, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Tibet and other countries. The photographs in “The Dreaming”, developed and edited many years after Ogawa’s return, present his travels as if they were impressions from a dream. The beautiful black and white of his images creates the world as seen from the eyes of a young adventurer overwhelmed by what he sees, who surrendered himself to the experiences and sights he was going to be met with. Ogawa’s photographs succeed in a difficult task: capturing the world as otherworldly and fascinating as it can truly be.

Book Details

  • Book Size 246 × 224 mm
  • Pages 104 pages, 86 images
  • Binding Softcover
  • Publication Year 2020
  • Language English, Japanese
  • Limited Edition 500