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by Antoine Bruy

While hitchhiking across the length and breadth of France, Antoine Bruy met men and women who, in Ardèche and Lozère, aspire to live in the most self-sufficient way possible. Inspired by this approach, he volunteered within a network that lists initiatives based on biodynamic agriculture and permaculture. He was hosted in communities that enabled him to meet these men and women, in France, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, or the United States – sixteen locations in all are present in his work, scattered over two continents. In these locations where Bruy travels with no more than his backpack, he photographs both nature, whose infinite nuances he meticulously captures, and habitats, disparate assemblages, characterised by their simplicity and rusticity. He also creates portraits of men and women who have chosen to isolate themselves in these places.

Book Details:

  • Out-of-Print, Last remaining copies
  • Harcover
  • 19 x 24 cm
  • 108 pages
  • 55 photographs
  • Text : Raphaëlle Stopin