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Pittsburgh 1950
by Elliott Erwitt

Includes previously unpublished photographs of Pittsburgh by acclaimed photographer Elliott Erwitt taken between 1949 and 1950. These photographs, capturing the humanity and spirit of the architecture and people of the city of Pittsburgh, were thought lost until the negatives were recently located in the Pittsburgh Photographic Library.

"This book, made from the research of Vaughn Wallace, is absolutely stunning. The reproductions leap off the page in a way that I have not seen since they took whatever metal it was out of ink that made a good matte black (similar to books you could get back in the 1950s.) It is fitting because the subject matter is a post-war Pittsburgh, a city that probably started its decline after that boom. I used to live there, and in fact, it was my first introduction to city life. Remarkably, some of it’s very familiar to the memories that I had about the same age that Erwitt was when he made these images. These pictures are from the Pittsburgh photographic library, which was created by Roy Stryker of the Farm Security Administration fame. Apparently, Erwitt spent just four months walking around Pittsburgh and captured a remarkable portrait of a town at a certain time and place. The photos here are some of my favorite images made by him. This book is a great example of what happens when somebody digs through a library of images. There are so many of them out there in the archives sitting in the dark, making you think that somebody should provide a grant to publish something every year from somewhere." - Todd Hido

  • 140 pp.
  • black-and-white illustrations
  • x12¼ x1